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Kris Gibbs does angelic, intuitive readings and consultations. She has a background in education and has been a teacher of metaphysics for over 30 years.  She is also Reiki Master and teacher.

Her sessions with the Archangels ( Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel)  address one’s soul purpose and whatever is important in the present time.  Her readings are authentic and eclectic. 

Kris Gibbs has been doing readings at the Celebration Metaphysical Fairs since 1992 in both Denver and Colorado Springs.  She travels throughout the US at various metaphysical events. 

Her Angel readings involve a blend of psychic & mediumship abilities that she’s had since childhood. They also include astrology and guidance from the Archangels to make well rounded connections to deliver messages to clients. Her near death experience 25 years ago created a deeper connection with the Angelic realm and increased her mediumship abilities.

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This past spring I requested a reading from Ms. Gibbs.  The reading was Good Friday. During the reading Ms. Gibbs informed me she saw an angel.  She provided a clear and distinct narrative and dialog of what the angel was reporting to.  Later that afternoon I went to mass. The dialog of the angel that Ms. Gibbs reported to me was verbatim of the homily. I live in New York. Ms. Gibbs was in Colorado. The reading was via the telephone.


Kris is a great gift to our world today. She is a beautiful spiritual teacher who truly is gifted and works directly with the Angels. She has helped me through many challenges and has been forthright even when it hurts. I respect her upfront honesty as a person as well a spiritual healer. Kris’s Angels speak through her quickly and she will give you a lot of direct information. Having worked with a lot of intuitive people I know Kris is the real deal. You know this to be true too or else you wouldn’t be reading this 😉


Kris read for me many years ago (and several since) at a Celebrations Fair and I was immediately drawn to her down-to-earth, personable personality. Her reading was awesome! She told me I would be doing Angel readings as well which I didn’t even think possible at the time, but years later ended up doing exactly that. Kris is a natural and cares about her clients which shows through in her work.